The Crew


Captain Francisco hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s travelled the world several times over working on tour for a long list of well-known musical acts. He’s the owner and Captain of Violeta, which he named after his fierce and beloved grandma. Having lived in the U.S. for many years, Francisco began his sailing journey in Marina Del Rey 12 years ago, and his love for the open ocean has only grown since then.





Tawnya is an explorer, certified hypnotherapist (and doula), vacation enthusiast, who loves any adventure. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she started her Airbnb business years before it became popular, and now hosts properties all over the globe which gives her the freedom to travel and work from the boat. This first mate and captain are expecting baby in August. She is real live in the moment kinda woman and the mother of Ella-Jade.  



Ella-Jade is an 8-year-old California free spirited fairy with a deep passion for animals, caring for the earth and thrill. She spent summer ‘16 learning to sail an 8-foot Sabot in Marina Del Rey. Ella is extremely intuitive and brave, a bit wild, and loves to be a helper! The perfect qualities for a junior captain in the making.  Ella is homeschooling while we are exploring and at sea.  




fullsizerenderPortia is a writer a from Los Angeles, California and a certified 200 HR yoga instructor. She is constantly looking for new adventures and what better way to explore the world than by taking it slow on a big, comfy sailboat like Violeta. She grew up boating, water skiing, wake boarding and surfing, but this is her first time sailing. She’s thrilled to learn a new skill and a different way of life. She currently writes for No. 3 Magazine in New York, contributes to the Book Yoga Retreats blog and has her own travel blog: (Joined Los Angeles, Ca —> Jalisco, Mexico.  Currently still with Violeta loving Mexico!)

FullSizeRenderDiego also comes from the southern hemisphere, joining us from Brazil! He and Francisco met on tour a few years ago and have kept in contact.  When Diego found himself moving to LA in the fall of 2016 he reached out to say hello and got roped into spending endless hours down at the docks with us over a months time helping varnish, do many repairs and preparations on Violeta. He then got somewhat kidnapped and “convinced” to leave his new LA home plans and hit the seas with us. (Joined Los Angeles, Ca —> Jalisco, Mexico. Flew home mid March, we’ll see when he crews next!)